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Our company focuses on the three core subjects of real estate, namely the evaluation of real estate, the function of a real estate expert and the central project development. In all three cases we offer you the central topic centre for all your questions concerning real estate and we will – if necessary – add experts from other sectors to our team (e.g. architecture, forestry). This way we can provide an ideal team for every job and thus guarantee the highest competence on the market for your project.


An expert is characterised by his special knowledge and/or his experience in a certain field. However, to be able to guarantee best quality standards the “Austrian Association of Experts” defines a series of qualifications for everyone who wants to become judicially certified expert, e.g.:

Real Estate Agent

Due to trading regulations in accordance with Trade and industrial regulations, the work of a real estate expert is divided into the sectors developer, real estate administrator and real estate agent, whereas the accreditation depends on passing a written exam conducted by a commission.

The high quality standard is ascertained by the “Association of Austrian Real Estate Experts” by offering an extensive yearlong education mounting in an examination. Supplementary numerous advanced trainings are offered.

By reason of our vast knowhow and knowledge of the market as well as long time experience, our company offers superior quality standards

Project Development

In order to develop real estate it is essential to have a pivotal moment within the very complex project structure to coordinate everything from vision to realisation. By the establishment of a feasibility study and an analysis of the project’s vision, the real estate’s potential can already be evaluated in an early stage and thus gives an indication as to how the solutions may be implemented in an economically successful way. As a result of the interplay between the fields of economics, real estate appraisal, market knowledge and long time professional experience, we can offer you this wide range of project development.

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